Produced by: Emily Richards, John Manning
Lyricist: Mervyn Brady
Publisher: The Academy of European Arts & Culture

In today’s world where people are searching for answers to their deepest questions about man, his soul and their respective destinies, it is easy to overlook the fact that we are not the first generation of human beings. Since the beginning of civilization man has asked the same questions and has applied himself diligently to seeking answers. When I began my spiritual quest in earnest, it was to the past I looked and consequently uncovered the most sublime answers, which for various reasons became lost or misunderstood.

At the Academy Of European Arts and Culture, we researched into Europe’s past and realized it was not spiritually barren, as most people thought, but rich and ripe in its understandings. However, each discovery had become the property of the professors who stored and amassed it unused and only repeated it parrot fashion, passing it faithfully in a sealed envelope, unopened from generation to generation. It is the aim of the Academy to open these envelopes, apply and resurrect their contents.

I would especially like to thank: Trudy Reynolds, for having this vision as well as the foresight to understand our aim. To JJ SMIT, who walked me through the technical world of recording, for his patience with my inexperience and for his production of this project and creation of the great musical score. Thank you to all the students of at the Academy of European Arts and Culture. A personal thank you to Terence Trent D’Arby, I appreciate his assistance and encouragement in the formation of the Academy. A special thank you to Daniel and Irena Prager for their support which will allow us to continue in our work.

All Tracks Except * Produced by JJ SMIT – 310 Entertainment.
Recorded at Roseland Recording Studio by JJ SMIT.
Additional Recording at Sounder Recording Studios, Granada Hills, CA.
Mixed and Mastered by: JJ SMIT at Roseland Recording Studios, Moorpark CA and Interplay, Irvine CA on Euphonix TM.
Executive Producer: Trudy Reynolds / JJ SMIT
Production: JJ SMIT. Music Created and Arranged by: JJ SMIT
Production Co-ordinator: Trudy Reynolds
Creative Assistant: Valerie Bryant / Trudy Reynolds

*Song Of Myself (Music) ‘El despertar del mago’
Composed, Performed and Produced by: Antonio Garcia Isaac
Recording engineers: Mike Hernandez, Pepe Mayren
Mastering: Jose Luis Rodrigez
Recording studio: Penthouse Music

Special Thanks To:
Charles Deenen at Interplay, Mark Creamer at Sounder Recording Studios, Daniel & Irena Prager.

The tracklisting of this album is a series of readings which include excerpts and not always the whole of the original verse.

Album Compilation and Production by Emily Richards & John Manning
Album Remastered by Brad Stanfield and Emily Richards
Assistant production by Kara Sherman and Alex Goodwin
Artwork, Design and Photography by Ollie Weait

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