Composer: Team Smile and Nod - Richard Ratvasky, Kara Square
Lyricist: Kara Square
Produced by: Team Smile and Nod - Richard Ratvasky, Kara Square

*Cover Art Photo (CC-BY) "A Superb Night For Shooting Stars!" By Robert Snache -

“Dust from the Stars,” the first single and title track from Team Smile and Nod’s upcoming third album, is a catchy, atmospheric, dream-inspired love song. It is an exemplary example of their refined musical vision. The lyrics describe a journey through a confusing dream-world that reveals an infinite dedication to love. The atmospheric and ambient sounds, orchestral build, soft percussion, and calm vocal delivery sooth the listener while invoking imagery of a brilliant night sky. Team Smile and Nod asked their fans to vote between two songs to decide on the album single. “Dust from the Stars” received 70% of the votes. The song displays the depth of the duos musical connection with intentionally delicate production and meticulous songwriting.

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