Pick TSAN's Album Single Release!


Cover Art for "Broken Record"Well, we're getting closer and closer to completion of our third album. We're getting so close, in fact, that Rich and I want to release our first digital single very soon. So... we were debating which song should be the chosen one, when we realized that we could just ask folks what they think! Because, really, after working on the album songs for so very long, our opinions (and ears) become rather biased. But YOURS aren't! (Plus, it'll be fun to find out which song our friends and fans think is best!)

We will be releasing the single everywhere (TuneTrack, our site, iTunes, Amazon, etc.). An official music video will also be posted on YouTube. For remixers, we'll upload the vocal stems to ccMixter on the same day as the release. The song with the most votes will be released about 1 month after the poll ends. The poll ends on Thursday, July 19th at 11:59PM EST.

Soooo... which of the two songs do YOU dig most? "Dust from the Stars" or "Broken Record"? The song clips and poll are posted here!

We would LOVE to hear what you think about the songs. Throw us a comment and share your thoughts!  Here's another link to that poll so you can listen and vote. Our fate is in your hands. I hope YOUR pick wins!

Take care and cause ruckus,

Kara (1/2 of TSAN)


p.s. Join our Green Room and you'll get to download the single on TuneTrack as soon as it's released!

The cover art photo for "Dust from the Stars" is a derivitive work of “A Superb Night For Shooting Stars!” by Robert Snache. It is licensed CC-BY.

The cover art photo for "Broken Record" is a derivitive work of “Spinning” by Dennis Brekke.  It is licensed CC-BY.

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