And the Winners are...


Seeing as the number 7 is so very close to the number 5, why leave 2 people out of the party? 

Ballon Photo

CC Licenced Photo by Harmony Rae

Now, all you gotta do to collect your winnings is send us an e-mail here:  thelist[at]teamsmileandnod[dot]com

We'll respond as soon as we can with an e-mail that includes your magic Green Room Membership code.  Once you use it to sign up, you'll be able to download 'Mourning Time' and read all Green Room posts.  FYI, we'll be blogging next week with another new song snippet.

Thank you to everyone who commented. It was very enjoyable to read your top 3 bands/ musicians.  Also, your kind comments about TSAN were incredibly lovely to read.  Thank you all!!!

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