TSAN Joins ArtisTech with 'Mourning Time' TuneTrack-LP Release!

Team Smile and Nod Mourning Time album coverHello!  We’re Team Smile and Nod -- an electro folk pop duo from Columbus, Ohio.  Our band started with a remix.  About a week after casually swapping demo CDS, Rich handed me (Kara) a disc with a remix of one of my songs.  Actually, you can hear our final version of that first song, ‘I Wonder,’ here on our just released TuneTrack-LP.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Seven years later (we officially became a band in 2004); we’ve released our second album, ‘Mourning Time.’  That second album helped us catch the attention of ArtisTech… through remix!

I’ve been posting music on ccMixter as Mind Map That for about a year.  Mind Map That is my solo blog project consisting of humorous short songs and videos.  After folks on ccM started remixing these lil’ songs into awesome musical creations, I asked Rich if he’d be cool with me posting some Team Smile and Nod stems (vocal, guitar, etc. tracks).  He was cool with it, so I posted ‘Truth and Fact,’ ‘I Wonder,’ and ‘Still Stuck.’  More remixes were created by the talented ccM community of exciting quality!  The good folks at ArtisTech happened to notice.  :D  

So here we are.  We’re thrilled to join ArtisTech in their vision of creating an exciting, ever-evolving music experience for fans and musicians alike!  Anyone who stops by can stream  our ‘Mourning Time’ TuneTrack-LP, flip through the artwork, and read the lyrics  to determine if they want to support us.  If you do decide to support us (yah!), we’ll give you more.  You’ll get an inside look at what we’re up to.  You’ll get the stories behind the songs.  You’ll get videos made just for you.  In fact, right after this is written up, I’m going to type up our first private Green Room blog post.  This post will have a snippet of a song that we’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks.  It’s not posted anywhere else.   No one has heard it besides us.  Actually, it makes me a bit nervous.  But, hey, we want feedback from you!

So please check out ‘Mourning Time’ and let us know what you think.  Join our Green Room if you’d like to get in our heads… metaphorically, of course.  Below is a little video we put together to announce this album.  I hope you dig.

Thank you for your support.

Take care and cause ruckus,

Kara (1/2 of TSAN)

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