Produced by: Loveshadow, Snowflake
Composer: Snowflake, Loveshadow
Lyricist: Snowflake
Accompaniment: Loveshadow and ccMixter
Publisher: RillRiver Publishing


"Music is the most awake part of me, sharing truths I dare not speak, and connects me -- to you."

Open In The Garden is Volume I of the Open album series by Emily Richards -- aka Snowflake.

Produced by Loveshadow at Arena Productions Midland Ltd in Birmingham, England. Vocals recorded by Snowflake at Witches Corner, San Diego.  Lifted Up originally produced by Alex Beroza. Snowflake is Emily RichardsLoveshadow is Jeff Grant -- check out his comments on the album.

Mastered by Loveshadow. In The Garden and Melting Into One remastered by Abstract Audio.

Cover art by Loveshadow.

PARENTAL ADVISORY: Track 6 -- Goodbye (Ballad of the San Diego Kid)

Awed thanks to Loveshadow – your ears and skills are out of this world! Alex Beroza, Jeris, airtone, libraryowl, Ivan Chew, Abstract Audio and everyone at ccMixter & TuneTrack (admins especially) – you give my music flight! Jason, Alex and everyone at ArtisTech Media – you enlighten and inspire me. Loveshadow, Alice Popkorn, Faryn Hughes, pareerica, Hali’a & Rebecca Cannon, Ingrid Taylar, JessieHart, John William Waterhouse, God, NASA, Wikipedia – thank you for your beautiful images and art. Contributions to the project are shared with those who contributed music or art.

Loving thanks to J, Caspian, Bianca, Mom, Dad, Nat, KK, Brad, Annie & my entire family – thank you for believing in me and supporting me through all the ups and downs of a musical lifestyle. My friends (yes, you know who you are) – for being part of my family.

Special thanks to Purple Room members Jason Brock, Alex Goodwin, Aux Speakers, Emily Withrow, Jennifer Izatt, Linda Richards, Dale Richards, Brad Richards, Sandor Arendse, Abstract Audio, and basematic -- your support and belief keep me going!

Thanks for your support!

Know yourself. Think for yourself. Peace.


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