Snowflake's Entertaining Garbage Patch Education

Heal The Gyre
from Heal The Gyre

Singer Snowflake holding Pacific Garbage Patch

Take the NO PLASTIC PLEDGE with Leonardo DiCaprio & Snowflake!

Of all her causes, Healing the Gyre is Snowflake's dearest passion! Snowflake works with actors & musicians, making awareness fun for kids and artistic for adults. Musically, Snowflake contributed stems for her gyre-inspired track Apologize to ccMixter for its Earth Day with Snowflake remix project. She followed-up with the release of the Orange Album: Harmony Reloaded, including songs about the North Pacific Garbage Patch.

Snowflake as Kelp Forest Queen at Earth Day Children's Parade 

Snowflake and the San Diego Puppet Insurgency visit schools, preserves and farmers markets to educate about the North Pacific Garbage Patch through interactive factiods, songs and props. Want to help? Invite Snowflake to your school or event.

Heal the North Pacific Garbage Patch booth with Snowflake  Snowflake visits school re Pacific Garbage patch

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