Snowflake's Causes

Peace in Tibet:
Snowflake & ccMixter's album, digital-LP and project Peace of Winter is a musical collaboration of peace, and benefit for the Dalai Lama Foundation. Listen to Peace of Winter for free, and join Snowflake's Listener Lounge to contribute to the cause. Snowflake loves peace, don't you? :)

Heal the Gyre:
Snowflake is passionate about the enormous North Pacific Garbage Patch -- learn more about her artistry and activism on the Pacific Garbage Patch. She's taken the No Plastic Pledge - you should too! The ccMixter Earth Day project for Apologize was part of a Heal the Gyre exhibit on education about this important issue.

Snowflake at Earth Fair

No Plastic Pledge:
Snowflake has promised to NOT use plastic bags, bottles, or straws. She is working diligently to eliminate her use of disposable plastic items and packaging too. Recycling and biodegradables are great, but reduction really makes the biggest difference to resource conservation and preservation of the environment. Snowflake uses cloth bags, clean-canteens, travels with her own "to-go" containers and bamboo flatware and stainless steel straw. It is a good life :)

ccMixter Logo

The Creative Commons, Larry Lessig, Neeru Pahari, Victor Stone and the ccM community created ccMixter.  It was given life with Creative Commons licensing and collaboration, and has invented an entirely new way of creating and sharing music. Artistech Media, Snowflake, spinmeister, and AWAKE Community financially support ccMixter.

Want to support ccMixter too? Join the Green, Blue or Purple Room of the ccMixter Listening Lounge.

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Snowflake Icon created with snowflake photo by AMagill - licensed CC-BY.

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