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Snowflake is a singer, songwriter, pianist & producer who joined ccMixter in early 2006, in conjunction with her membership in breakbeat/alternative band 2012AM (San Diego). Snowflake, DJ Quenique, spinningmerkaba and Wooton were remixing one another on the fly in their 2012AM live performances, so diving into collaboration at ccMixter was natural. Snowflake is the artist also known as Emily Richards, but Snowflake has expanded Emily's artistry beyond her pop/rock roots.

Some of Snowflake's first tracks on ccMixter include pellas from her 2012AM collaboration (2012, Pool of Love) and other early poems and song sketches (Freedom, Blessed are the Greedy). But in April of 2009, Snowflake and ccMixter created the Earth Day with Snowflake Apologize Remix Project and everything has changed since (and quickly!). Snowflake's pella and other stems were returned with over 40 remixes from the ccMixter community, with hopes to share awareness about the North Pacific Garbage Patch.

Peace of Winter

In August, Snowflake & more than 30 other artists at ccMixter created the Peace of Winter holiday music project.  And in the midst of production on Peace of Winter, on October 28 2009 (the 5th birthday of ccMixter), Creative Commons transferred operations of ccMixter to Snowflake's Next Gen Music Label (ArtisTech Media).  Without a hitch, just a month later Snowflake & ccMixter released Peace of Winter on iTunes, Jamendo, TuneTrack, AmazonMP3, LaLa -- as an album and all new art influenced digital-LP.

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Snowflake's stems and pellas are available at under Creative Commons license. Perhaps as important as her music and art, are her causes. Proceeds from the Peace of Winter project are shared between the Dalai Lama Foundation and Join Snowflake's Green, Blue or Purple Room to support her art and work.


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