Open In The Garden album cover

Open In The Garden -- Note from Loveshadow

When I think back over the years to the changing process of making music it’s nothing short of a musical miracle for me to have made a compilation of songs like this. Two people who have never met and are thousands of miles apart.

It’s actually a fascinating journey and a revelation to explore an already sung vocal and rearrange a complete new musical track for it in this way. The term remix does not go anywhere far enough to truly describe the process.

From the outset you have no idea when you place certain chords against the melody as to what will happen. But you keep on, bar by bar, and as each phrase reveals a new composite sound you start to hear something that was not there before. That is the eureka moment and suddenly it’s as if, in this case, Emily were standing there in the room with you as the writing process begins to take shape.

You build the foundation of the basic structure and then explore the often lengthy process of choosing sounds as the tone and mood of the lyric calls for. Once found I remain pretty much committed to that till the end, but always wonder if I had started with a different drum pattern or a different sound or chord what it might have ended up like.

The one thing with Emily’s writing that mystifies me was that her initial chord patterns were often down tempo and filled with pathos but then lyrically there was always a positive story. That became the initial key for me to find that more positive overtone in all of the musical additions and arrangements.

Working with such a great voice was nothing but uplifting and there was not one moment when any of it felt like work. I only wish more people had the courage to freely share their talent in this way for others to explore and build upon. It was also great to find other remixers who contributed such usable parts to explore this musical journey with so thanks go to them.

Thanks also go to my family for putting up with my long hours stuck at the PC screen. In the end I had no intention of making an album it just happened, track by track. I had a blast and enjoyed every minute making it and truly hope you get the same feeling from listening to it.

Peace Jeff.

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