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Open In The Garden albumIn thanks, Green Room membership gives you Open the Garden, Snowflake's collaboration with UK-producer Loveshadow. Green Room members receive a CD-quality download of the album, and high-quality PDF of the beautiful artbook.

Thank you for supporting Snowflake's works in the commons!

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$20 Blue Room

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Peace of WinterIn thanks, Blue Room membership gives you CD-quality downloads of both Open In The Garden and Peace of Winter, Snowflake's two albums created via ccMixter.org. You also receive high-quality artbook downloads for joining.

Thank you for supporting Snowflake and music in the commons!

'Peace of Winter' is also available at Jamendo and  iTunes

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Snowflake IconIn addition to all Green & Blue Room thank yous, Purple Room membership gives you a song of your own. Give Snowflake a story or lyric ideas and receive a song in return. You will also receive a signed, hardbound Peace of Winter album-book -- a beautiful collectors item.

Thank you for supporting Snowflake artistic co-creation!

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