I Apologize For The MegaMix (DJ Quenique) w/Snowflake, ccMixters

Snowflake is so honored to share DJ Quenique's "I Apologize for the Megamix" from her ccMixter EarthDay project "Apologize" about the North Pacific Gyre. The tracks Quenique selected for this live megamix include remixes of Chuck Berglund, Unreal DM, SpinningMerkaba, FORENSIC, Ditto Ditto, radiotimes, Brad Stanfield, and Alex Beroza. ArtisTech interviewed both Snowflake and DJ Quenique about the cause, the Megamix process and ccMixter tracks selected. Snowflake's interview, featuring Snowflake remixes by _ghost and Duckett, can be downloaded HERE. Download DJ Quenique's interview, featuring his own remixes HERE!

Coming soon, Snowflake is working on the licenses with ccMixters for an official Apologize Remix Album where all producers/writers/mixers will profit!

Snowflake thanks DJ Quenique and all the mixers at ccMixter for raising awareness about the North Pacific Gyre through music!
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