GreenRoom: Song for Atlas Shrugged

Give it Up (Start Again)
from Strike the Root

Atlas Shrugged Snowflake

On opening night, I saw Atlas Shrugged Part I with Jason, Kevin, Diona, Kristi, and her daughter (along with a bunch of other Libertarians). The book Atlas Shrugged changed my life. First, in college because of Amie, and second, on tour because of Nikki and Jason.

I wrote 'Give It Up' for Strike the Root remix project last night. This is the sketch bounce - the track is all Subliminal - I just cut and pasted to created song sections that felt right with the vocal. Have much to finish, and feedback is welcome. :)

'Give it Up' tries to tap into the aspects of the book that hit me hardest. First, the idea the system only works because the great minds and dedicated workers hold it up.

Atlas shrugged -- he gave up. (John Raifsnider reminds me 'giving up' as he points to the heavens!)  In Atlast Shrugged, the creators in society give up the their creations because they were holding up a corrupt, broken system. They realized there was no other way.

They end up in Galt's gulch together, a modern day Atlantis-Eden. They each contribute an important part to the function of the community.  And they each honor their dreams and high desires. The only rule is to live true to yourself.

I yearn for conscious harmony -- for our Eden. Sometimes I see it is already here, right in my own backyard and community (thanks to my neighbors that are like family).

Sorry for being long winded :)

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