Behind the Mask Secret Mixter: It Is the Hour

It Is the Hour (Get Up)
from Secret Mixter

The Secret Mixter has forced me to learn how to mix music.  If it weren't for the Secret Mixter, well, I would still be thinking about producing instead of actually trying it. Still, I can only aspire to become more like Loveshadow, John Jones or Sean Halley. I fall far short.

The Behind the Mask Secret Mixter was a unique challenge for me. I drew Calling Sister Midnight and her work pushed me into unfamiliar musical territory with her house-dance track Get Up. I utilized a few of her other source tracks (and a bit from spinmeister as well) -- and played a fair bit myself. I made a chopped song salad with lots of treatment dressing.

pro tools behind the mask snowflake   pro tools snowflake

What secrets does the song "It Is the Hour (Get Up)" reveal about me?

Morning intolerance. I have a pretty darn difficult time waking up in the morning (ask spinningmerkaba!!!).  So I tried to create a morning alarm I might actually tolerate with this track.

Dancing. I LOVE to dance. I studied ballet and jazz as a youth. Modern dance at University. I danced with a couple modern dance companies (Salt Lake City, Los Angeles) until forced to quit from injuries. I took up yoga in its place. And then found breakbeat thanks to Kirsten and DJ Quenique. Dancing to breakbeat with kloco is one of my favorite ways to spend an evening.  Dancing and waterskiing are the only two very early morning things I've been able to handle.

Philosophy. I am a seeker. Of higher consciousness. I beileve our Soul, or higher self, or spirit, or higher mind, or God, is waiting for us, right here. We just have to Get Up! Wake Up!

Calling Sister Midnight gave me so many tools to reveal these truths, and pushed me. I am grateful.


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