Peace Remixed: Snowflake's Holiday Album for Tibet

Snowflake is honored for the opportunity to create a holiday album benefiting monks and the people of Tibet.  Instead of taking on this task alone, Snowflake hopes this project will help demonstrate the power of the Collective by turning it into a ccMixter project.

ccMixter Artists have been asked to contribute spoken word and a capella tracks about Winter Solstice, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, etc.  Snowflake will also release her vocal and piano stems (for her original and public domain recordings) to ccMixter to make this opportunity a collective one.  Snowflake had to commit to submitting the completed album to the Project Manager by the end of September in order to take on this project.  That's not a lot of time, but with the creative power of the ccMixter community, all of us at ArtisTech thought it could be done.

Winter Solstice by angel1592
Winter Solstice by by angel1592

The creators/remixters of the songs included on the album will share writing, publishing and artist net sales allocation (after Tibetan Contribution of course), on a pro-rated basis. 

Snowflake's first stems of ‘Heard the Bells’ and 'Winter Sol' are now available for remix on ccMixter.  She and other ccMixter artists are recording other solstice-time holiday songs, both originals and songs in public domain.  Stems and remixes should be recorded and uploaded in FLAC (if possible) to ensure highest quality of songs for the album.

We hope you will participate!  Peace....

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