• DJ Quenique Spins MegaMix of ccMixter's Best 'Apologize' Remixes

    Posted May 6, 2009 at 11:31 a.m. to Snowflake Public | Comment

    I am sooo excited that DJ Quenique is doing a MegaMix of his 8 favorite 'Apologize' EarthDay Remixes recorded by ccMixter artists. I have promised not to tell which tracks he selected until he's done with the mix. Quenique has burned each Mixter's Remix to CD and is using CDJs to record the MegaMix! How cool is that? ;)

    DJ Quenique
    DJ Quenique
  • ccMixter Blog and 30 MIXES

    Posted April 29, 2009 at 2:11 p.m. to Snowflake Public | 5 Responses

    Snowflake LOVES ccMixter! Check out their cool blogpost where you can stream more than 30 remixes of Snowflake's EarthDay track 'Apologize' - HERE!

    Snowflake is working on her next a capella for ccMixter remix. Comment below with your suggestion for topic and style!


    Posted April 20, 2009 at 7:10 p.m. to Snowflake Public | Comment

    wow... there were 8 mixes that I listened to over and over again. Each technically solid, each with something unique like a time signature edit, intricate vocal editing, cool delays and panning, additional instruments and voices, even changing the key entirely.

    I Apologize (no pun intended), but there is a Tie! Two mixes have been chosen. We've given much thought to how we can promote both of these two favorite mixes utilizing Ego and ID theories.

    Snowflake's Chosen Remix:
    Apologize (radiotimes)
    from Spiral
    Emily's Chosen Remix:
    Apologize (brad stanfield EarthDay Mix)
    from One or Ten

    radiotimes @ ccMixter | brad_stanfield @ ccMixter | Emily @ TuneTrack

    Please contact us with your chosen green-charity!

    Because so many tracks were so amazing, I am working to find a way to highlight these mixes as a set of my favorites, as a body of work. So we're putting together an Apologize Remix Release to be released under CC of course, featuring these tracks. I hope to get it posted before midnight. Will keep you posted. Thank you....everyone!!!

    With crystals and gratitude,

    Posted April 19, 2009 at 11:37 p.m. to Snowflake Public | Comment

    Snowflake spent Sunday at EarthFair, disseminating information about the North Pacific Gyre. She commenced the day as a 'Kelp Forest Queen' in the Heal the Gyre/Puppet Insurgency's huge parade, then manned a booth obtaining signatures for the NO PLASTIC PLEDGE!

    All visitors at the Heal The Gyre booth/exhibit (one of the largest at EarthFair) listened to Apologize EarthDay Remixes, contributed by 30 ccMixters inclulding radiotimes, Love Shadow and Alex Beroza. Art, music and creativity change the world my friends!

    Snowflake was inspired by EarthFair and encourages everyone to attend the Creek To Bay Clean-up this Saturday, April 25 in conjunction with San Diego Coast Keepers. Visit the Heal the Gyre site to learn more....

    Photo: Bob Davis

    Posted April 18, 2009 at 7:05 p.m. to Snowflake Public | Comment

    I've been listening to the ccMixter remixes of Apologize all day.

    I've been working with a group of EarthDay volunteers, listening to these amazing creative works, while we prepare for our Heal the Gyre EarthDay event tomorrow. We have a big stage/dance area and will be prominently featuring each of your remixes tomorrow throughout the day at EarthDay San Diego in Balboa Park--for its 60,000+ visitors.

    There will also be a meditation track (Gyre Healing Meditation) featured tomorrow at 3p, using bed tracks from essesq and MiNiMaL_aRT. The Meditation is streamable below and will also be featured on healthegyre.org.

    Thank you....all!

    Gyre Healing Meditation (EarthDay 2009)
    from Heal The Gyre
Unknown Title by Unknown Artist from Unknown Album