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Happy Earth Day from Snowflake and Lasswell

This incredible remix by Lasswell featuring Snowflake is the perfect song for inspiration on Earth Day. :) Please take the No Plastic Pledge to help improve our quality of life on this beautiful planet. Peace ya'll! 

Awesome Holiday Albums for Christmas

Season of GratitudeSeason of Gratitude B Sides  Peace of Winter Best Time of the Year
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Snowflake loves winter! Obviously, given her namesake ;) The winter holidays are her most joyous time of existence and she has some great music to share with you.

Snowflake is part of a new double album this year, ccMixter's Season of Gratitude, that you can download by supporting ccMixter at the Green Room Level.

Snowflake's contributions to The Best Time of the Year album are free to stream and download. This album was a collaboration between ccMixter & Jamendo released for Christmas 2012.

Peace of Winter is Snowflake's first holiday album and by contributing to Snowflake's Blue Room, you support the Dali Lama Foundation.  

Season of Gratitude is available on iTunes and Amazon for digital download. Both albums make thoughtful, inspiring gifts this holiday season, embracing diverse cultures and traditions. 

iTunes Season of Gratitude A Sides           iTunes Season of Gratitude B Sides

Amazon Season of Gratitude A Sides          Amazon Season of Gratitude B Sides

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