Produced by: Emily Richards, Wolf Sebastian, Jason Brock, Alex Goodwin
Publisher: Cello Dolce, LLC 2012


Cellist Wolf Sebastian is pleased to release his solo debut album, Solo Remembering. The album features some of his finest live performances and two of his own improvisations. Produced by Wolf Sebastian and Emily Richards. Engineered by Emily Richards, Jason Brock and Alex Goodwin. Mastered by Emily Richards.

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"I am very happy to release my first solo album on tunetrack. My many thanks to Emily, Jason, and Alex who have been the "driving force" behind this project. I have put together some of my live recordings that I feel most closely connected to. My life-long love for Bach's music has always been very personal and "intimate" as I was named after him. The rest of the album are just phenomenal pieces from different periods written brilliantly for the cello. I hope this album serves as an inspiration to some."

Album cover designed by Emily Richards featuring Sandro Botticelli's Portrait of Simonetta Vespucci

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