prayerAbout Prayer

The Reflective Collective (SackJo22, Angela Grillo, and Evie Ruth) are excited to share with you PRAYER -- a multi-media performance piece abut prayer as a conduit of transformation. Built on a song cycle composed by SackJo22 (Susan Joseph), this unique cycle of prayers for guidance, relief and gratitude re-imagines Evie's dream of Dorothy Vogel through music, text, video and gesture directed by Angela Grillo. The ephemeral Chorus (Sackjo22 and Evie Ruth) and Dorothy (Angela Grillo) 
create a dedicated space to be immersed in art as prayer. 

PRAYER features design elements created by Ana Rifa (including our artwork), choreography by Davis Neves, and the fine guitar stylings of Haskel Joseph.

In addition, remixes of music from PRAYER created by the community will be shared at performances.

Our Los Angeles preview performance on 2/8 at Art Share-LA will include a festive reception, and a Q&A session where we will discuss the ideas, process and music of PRAYER. No admission fee and usually there is free parking in a lot across the street from Artshare.

Tickets for the Seattle performance can be purchased in advance. ($10 advance/$15 at the door).!season2014/ce2f

Our premier performance in Seattle on 2/15 will be held at the Chapel at the Good Shepard Center as part of the Garret Fisher Ensemble Guest Artist Series.

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