Produced by: Petar Alargic
Composer: Petar Alargic
Publisher: ArtisTech Media

Artistech Media is proud to release Petar Alargic’s album Masstronika. The album is comprised of five ten-minute tracks that create a congruent electronic movement that delves into new and intriguing territory. Each track builds to an almost unbearable tension until it meets an exciting, explosive point of power that comes in thundering dubstep form. Masstronika exemplifies Petar’s exploration of the sonic spectrum and demonstrates his mastery of building peaks and plateaus in his compositions.

“This music was created to explore the potential of electronic instruments to create thick, heavy and textural layered aural landscapes,” Petar Alargic shares. “It ranges from one extreme to the other with dense polyrhythmics to induce meditative ambient moments and a dynamically driven, glitch-syncopated voyage thoroughly reinforced by a contemporary prog-rhythm section.”

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