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    Posted Nov. 23, 2010 at 12:08 a.m. to Petar Alargic Public | Comment

    Petar AlargicMy name is Petar Alargic. I am an independent artist - musician, guitarist, composer, and producer; merging diverse musical genres ranging from Electronica and Ambient to modern Metal.

    “I’m standing tall today, overwhelmed by pride and excitement for being embraced by and becoming an official member of ArtisTech Media -- a label with a modern vision for independent music.  ArtisTech provides artists with all the freedom they crave -- freedom to collaborate, freedom to remain open to multiple labels, and yet, ensure artists retain the rights and control of their own works.

    Ambitronika TuneTrack-LP
    released Nov 23 2010

    I welcome You to my vision inspiring voyage across diameters of your Imagination ...
    ...An Original Soundtrack of a voyage through your own Ambivalence...
    Vividly textured conjunction of vibrant, mood swinging dynamics, glitched pulsation’s and levitation-inspiring soundscapes,
    A journey that will lead you fully across diameters of your mindset...embracing the opposites...merging the  poles…
    A soundtrack… synchronized only to images depicted by your imagination, invoked by your state of mind…
    ...Ambitronika L1....

    Click HERE to listen and view the Ambitronika TuneTrack-LP. To get CD-quality downloads of Ambitronika and other extras (and show your support!), join my Green Room!


    View press release HERE.

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