"Delicate" releases today!

Today is the day of release of my latest material, Delicate. It is 5th album in general, and definitelly one of my most favorite ones so far.

"Delicate" is a hand-selected assembly consisting of some of the most delicate segments of my orchestral compositions, and could be considered an overture for my upcoming classical releases.

Here's a link for the Official Press Release, done by a splendid ArtisTech Media team...


The release in its full length may be streamed online here...


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Petar Alargic launches single Svetlost

View Music Video and Hear Release of "Svetlost"

“The main idea behind 'Svetlost' was to create wall of sound which could move the mountains and bleed the skies, while relying solely on the expressive posibilities of the minimalistic form such as triol. I have tried to capture the aural representation of mass, a tectonic texture based on sole minimalism. The music video, done by Luke Chrisinger portrays all these motives really well.”
~Petar Alaragic (thoughts and ideas behind the song Svetlost.)

Download Svetlost FREE here at TuneTrack in the Svetlost special single release

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