Composer: Kara Square
Lyricist: Kara Square
Accompaniment: Jack Burgess (vocals and bass). Vocals: TheDice, Mary Burgess, Shannon Root Lee, Rob Walker, Nealbot, Speck, SackJo22, Moira Waugh, and Snowflake.
Produced by: Kara Square

“Too Depressed for the Ukulele” is a depression-crushing ukulele rock anthem sing-along featuring a crowd-sourced chorus of ten friends and three types of ukuleles.

Dedicated to my dear Friends who made this track magical.

Jack Burgess

Mary Burgess
Shannon Root Lee
Jack Burgess
Rob Walker
Moira Waugh

Cover Design by Kara Square and TheDICE
Logo by Joel Frijters from SoundAdvantage

The ukulele is often associated with happiness, silliness, vacations, Tiny Tim, that sort of thing. But what if your primary songwriting instrument is the happy little ukulele and you’re inspired to write a song, but happen to be seriously depressed? When Kara Square wrote “Too Depressed for the Ukulele,” she was in a state of depression. As she continued to write the song, her mood lightened and she thought about how playing the ukulele transforms her mental state. Kara didn’t plan for the song to have a happy ending. The ukulele inspired happiness as she played.

Kara Square cordially invited anyone and everyone to join the happy chorus of this ukulele rock anthem sing-along in the interest of crushing depression everywhere. Ten friends from the United States, Italy, and South Australia raised their voices and took the song to greater heights. As each individual recorded their vocals and sent them to Kara, she added them to the mix and shared the updated demos. In this way, layers of vocal harmonies and melodies took the track in an inspired direction that culminated in the vocal-only choir outro. These gifted friends include: TheDICE (vocals and cover art), Jack Burgess (vocals and bass), Mary Burgess, Shannon Root Lee, Rob Walker, Nealbot, Speck, SackJo22, Moira Waugh, and Snowflake.

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