Produced by: Kara Square
Composer: Kara Square
Lyricist: Kara Square
Publisher: Thinkroot Records

Kara Square is a nerd who will write a song about anything.  As half of the duo Team Smile and Nod, she writes personal and political electro folk pop songs.  As Mind Map That, she humorously covers topics such as organ donation, fexting (fake texting), cats, coconuts, and poop.  Now armed with a ukulele, Kara Square has developed a passion for writing and singing about one of the most explored, universal subjects that exists:  love.  It occurred to her that as a lesbian, the very act of writing a love song is political.  This idea inspired her to create an album that emphasizes relationship similarities, instead of focusing on identity-driven differences.  Through her album, Love Songs For Everyone But Especially Uke, she reveals that love is boundless.

BONUS!  This TuneTrack LP includes a download of a song booklet that features the lyrics and ukulele chords to all of the album songs.

Thank you!

YOU for listening to this album and joining my TuneTrack Green Room, sharing the tunes, remixing the stems, connecting with me online, and digging what I do.  I hope you love, love, love this album.  I hope you feel the love I put into it.  I wish you big love and happiness.

Thank you to Katie Miller for supporting me with my endless musical endeavors and, of course, for being the album muse.  Thank you to TheDICE, Chris Smallwood, and Joel Frijters for your wonderful artistic and graphic design works.  Thank you to Rich Ratvasky for being a fantastic collaborator (Team Smile and Nod) and friend.  Thank you to the ccMixter community for the endless inspiration and kind embrace of my musical madness.  Thank you to Emily Richards and Alex Goodwin of ArtisTech Media and TuneTrack for your support.  Thank you to my family and friends for your support and encouragement: Murmur, Bob & Keely, Papa G, Lee, Terry, Drew, G&G, Susan, Jesse, Steven, Moira, Mark, Tony, Dwight, and again... YOU.  Thank YOU.     

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