Composer: Kara Square
Lyricist: Kara Square
Produced by: Kara Square

This thumping Halloween electro dance track shares the story of DJ Death: a mind controlling DJ that gets in your head, making you dance the best you’ve ever danced… of course, when the beat ends, you will die and blood will flow. Better run!

DJ Death was initially written by Kara Square with a ukulele. You can hear the uke riff the best at the beginning of the track. The bass line mirrors it. The song immediately lent itself to video, so Kara enlisted her talented artistic friend, Chris Smallwood, to create artwork for her to animate. This music video was posted on YouTube in 2011 under Kara’s pseudonym Mind Map That. When the music video was posted, Kara also shared the vocal, ukulele, and bass stems on ccMixter to encourage remixes of the song. It was enthusiastically embraced by the international remixing community. The cover art was designed by Joel Frijters from SoundAdvantage and includes Chris Smallwood’s original artwork of the DJ Death character. The track has been re-mastered for its official release on October 4, 2012.

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