ccPlus Commercial Licensing

All of Kara Square's songs are Creative Commons licensed.  She usually uses CC-BY-NC.  If you would like to use her songs for commercial purposes, you can do so by purchasing a ccPlus license!  Just click on the song titles below to listen, fill out the short questionaire, and get the song you need for your commercial project.

Photo of Kara Square

Ukulele Love Songs

Start Each Day with Love

Once I Went You

Heart-Stopping Lies

I'm Okay, You're Okay, We're Okay

I Heart Your Brain

A Heart With Your Name On It

Vox Vs. Uke


Mind Map That Painting by Chris Smallwood

Comedy Songs

DJ Death

Shape Shifting Aliens

Polydactyl Super Cat

Just a Glass

Mosquitoes: Blood on Tap

Banjo the Ferret


How Do Lesbians Have Sex?

*Painting by Chris Smallwood.

Unknown Title by Unknown Artist from Unknown Album