AKAW! Join the Party Wave of Music!

BWT Cover ArtGuess what?

The fabulous surf rock band Blue Wave Theory picked my remix to go on their new album Sing Along with Blue Wave Theory! The album is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Jamendo, and more!

Wanna hear the track I mixed?

It's called "Hanging Eleven." It's a SUPER-SILLY surfer slang-based ditty with a killer surf rock backing track provided by Blue Wave Theory. To give you an idea how very silly it is, here's a taste of the lyrics:

He’s freaking out the Benny’s
The frubes are all confused
The boogies have a garbage view!
He scared off all the Benny’s
The Barney’s gonna spew
Boogie-boarders have a chowder view!

Have you caught onto the plot of the song? It's a little twisted and a LOT ridiculous. Listen to it on Bandcamp and hey, if you dig it, please throw us some change... for socks.

I'm also ultra-jazzed to be featured on Spinningmerkaba's track "Hang Loose." I LOVE IT! The reggae, dub, surf rock vibe is chillastically COOL.

And really, just listen to the whole darn album. It's SO freakin' good. For reals. You'll hear gems from Snowflake, Stefan Kartenberg, SackJo22, Tobias Weber and more. With such incredible source material to work with, the album turned out swimmingly. Get it? Surf rock... swim... swimmingly... AKAW!!! Hang loose, my friends!

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