Love Gets Remixed - Playlist

ccMixter just launched a Valentine's Day Remix Event called Key of Love and I'm SUPER-excited to participate! Here's a link to the ukulele love song I just uploaded for you to remix called "Anywhere, Everywhere." I hope you like... errrr...ummm... I mean love it!

I've released quite a few love songs on ccMixter over the years. Each time I uploaded a song, I would eagerly wait to hear how the ccMixter community would remix it. ccMixter has an incredible pool of talented musicians who create every musical genre you can imagine. To show you what I mean, I made a playlist of my favorite ccMixter remixes of my love songs. Take a listen below and please share it if you dig!

And hey, if you're into making music, please come on over to ccMixter and participate in the Key of Love!

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