This Ukulele Song Needs You... To Sing Along!

You are hereby cordially invited to sing on my next single "Too Depressed for the Ukulele."  I've always wanted to write an anthem for the ukulele; and while Amanda Palmer (and I'm sure plenty of other wonderful ukers) beat me to it , I think there is definitely room for another!  Right?  Right?  RIGHT!!! 

And sooooo.... grab your lighter, get ready to fist pump (or bump), and raise your voice to the greatest of heights!  This ukulele anthem of a song needs you!!  Our voices combined will give it more power than any one voice ever could.  So let's do this, my dear ukulele lovin' friends!   

WARNING: This song is LOUD and high energy.  It features 3 types of ukulele: an electric ukulele, a banjolele, and a regular concert sized ukulele.  Do not be fooled by the grungy, distorted sound of the electric uke.  There are NO guitars on this track.  4-strings only, BABY!  (Ooo... including the bass... which is really a midi keyboard... but we can imagine it as a 4-stringed beauty, right?)

Learn more about this project here.

Thank you kindly!  I hope you dig the song and join me!  :D

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