Out Today! Love Songs for Everyone but Especially Uke

Happy Release Day!

Album Cover Art

I am extremely excited to share that Love Songs for Everyone but Especially Uke is now available as a TuneTrack-LP!  I've been working on this album since February of 2012.  It's a thrilling thing to see album released to the world!  Now everyone can stream the entire thing on TuneTrack and if ya' join my Green Room you can download it in CD-quality.  Whoop!

Love Songs For Everyone But Especially Uke is full of heartfelt folk pop ukulele love songs that express the importance and universal nature of love.  It comes with a ukulele song booklet pdf, so you can play along!  The cover art was designed by TheDICE and the logo was designed by Joel Frijters from Sound Advantage (thank you guys!!).

Back Album Cover Art

Check out the official Press Release here.

Stream the entire album on TuneTrack here.

Please join me and share the album with your friends on Twitter and Facebook and all those other social networky places.

Thank you for your support.  And a great big thank you to Emily and Alex of ArtisTech and TuneTrack for making this release possible.  You two flippin' rock! 

I really hope you love this album!

Take care and cause ruckus,

Kara Square

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