Kara Square Songs Included on "The Best Time of the Year" Double Album

The-Best-Time-of-the-YearI am extremely happy to share that two Kara Square songs were included in the double album The Best Time of the Year by ccMixter and Jamendo.  I also lent a hand in producing the album (with Snowflake, Copperhead, sackjo22, and go1dfish) and creating back cover art.

Guess what?  You can download BOTH albums for free on TuneTrack and on Jamendo!  My songs are part of the second side- the one called The Best Time of the Year?  The-Best-Time-of-the-YearMy little atheist ditty "Please Don't Wish Me A Merry Christmas" is the first track.  "Our Last Christmas" is the fifth track.  It was composed by Snowflake and Vladimir Sterzer.  Snowflake wrote the lyrics and sings the lead vocals.  I added backup harmonies, glockenspiel, and mixed/produced it.   You can learn more about the albums on the ArtisTech Media's official press release.  

Download Best Time of the Year - Side A

Download Best Time of the Year? - Side B

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