Out Now - DJ Death

Happy Release Day!

DJ Death Cover Art


“DJ Death,” in its glorious re-mastered form, is now available worldwide!  Of course, the best place to hear it is on TuneTrack- you can listen, see the high resolution artwork, read the lyrics, and join my Green Room to download in whatever format you prefer!  With Halloween around the corner, blast this creepy, bloodbath of a dance track and get ready to party!

The music video features art by Chris Smallwood.  The cover art design is by Joel Frijters from SoundAdvantage and includes Chris’ original DJ Death character.

Check out the awesome ArtisTech Media press release here.  

ArtisTech also wrote a super-nice spotlight about "DJ Death."  A HUGE thank you to Emily and Alex of ArtisTech for making this release happen!

Did you know that I wrote this track on the ukulele?  It’s true.  And proves all that a ukulele can do.  (At least to me!)  You can hear the uke best at the beginning of the track… it’s the main riff.  I really hope you find this song entertaining and fun.  Halloween is my favorite holiday by far… let’s spread the haunted fun! 

Take care and cause ruckus,

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