How to Make A Pomegrante Mojito


Lots of fresh Mint
Lots of White Rum
Soda water
Fresh Limes
Pomegrante juice

First, cut the limes and juice them into a bowl. Then rinse and bruise the fresh mint. In a big pitcher pour in equal amounts sugar and warm water (to melt the sugar) and add the bruised mint and lime juice to the mixture. Add more of each of these until you reach the optimal taste for you. I like to start sweet and add more lime juice if needed. This mixture only gets better as the day progresses so make a lot!

Fill tall glasses with ice. Pour in adequate amounts of rum. Splash of Pomegrante juice. Slash of soda water. Fill the rest of the glass with the mojito mix. Add lime and mint leaf garnish!

Summer is here my friends. -Jason


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