New Jason Brock Single Breathes Hope Into A Summertime of Crisis

“We’ve come a long, long way.  We’ve got a long, long way to go.” 

Ventura, CA. June 18th, 2020  Would you recommend a song from an artist you’ve never heard of before?  Of course not.  But if that song captured the moment, you might change your mind.  Jason Brock’s new single “Dubbers and Rex” could be that one unknown track you’ve been looking for.   

With a Jack Johnson meets Lou Reed meets Cheryl Crow vibe that is both bluesy and uplifting, Brock’s latest recording is like a cool drink on the hottest of summer days.  The guitar melody sparkles while the lyrics and vocals remain solid and honest, asking the deeper question, “Where do we go from here?” 

“I think we’re all looking for some meaning right now.” says Brock,  “I was just strumming my guitar on the steps one night, feelin’ stunned and confused, and the song just kinda came out.” 

Recorded during quarantine at Brock’s home in Ventura California, Dubbers and Rex is the first in a series of singles scheduled to be released online over the next few months.  The single will be accompanied by lyric videos and live streaming performances from his social networks.  As we enter the 2020 summer season filled with questions about peace, justice and how to cope with COVID-19, Dubbers and Rex is a positive song with meaning.  It’s a perfect add to any contemporary playlist.

Jason Brock is well known as an administrator of posting his own Creative Commons remixes under the pseudonym Spinningmerkaba.  Over his career he has recorded and performed with Grammy award winning artists John Jones, Steve Ferrone along with artist Emily RIchards, Orangehand, and The Art City Monsters.

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