Spotify Streams Jason Brock's Reach Out

Jason Brock's single "Reach Out" is receiving a lot of extra streams on Spotify since it's re-release ahead of his new album due out this summer 2K20.  Reach Out is the third track off of Brock's second solo album Fly On.

The classic rock infused track launched Jason's new Soundcloud page last week and is also receiving thousands of listens and reposts as retro vibe indie hit on the well known indie music destination.

And if you like reading lyrics, Reach Out hits home in today's post-pandemic climate of renewal and regeneration.

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Reach Out
Jason Brock

On the pavement
In the dirt
Bruised and bleeding but never hurt
I know why you put us down
I think it's time to take a look around

Because the time has come to change
A new direction a different way
We can make it if we try
If we stand up we won't be denied

Reach out
Reach out to one another
Reach out to our friends
Reach out

In the cities and in the towns
In the country and all around
A new generation a new way of life
So put down your weapons and face the light

We gotta reach out

Help me baby
I'm down on my knees
I'm begging you please

Reach out to one another

You can remix the vocals under cc license.  The pell is available here.


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