• Eric Steuer From Creative Commons on Epic Fu

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    Team ArtisTech had the opportunity to have lunch with Eric Steuer of Creative Commons this week.  He is at the cutting edge of the new music model.  Check out his interview with Epic Fu above.

    Meanest Man Contest website:


  • How to Make A Pomegrante Mojito

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    Lots of fresh Mint
    Lots of White Rum
    Soda water
    Fresh Limes
    Pomegrante juice

    First, cut the limes and juice them into a bowl. Then rinse and bruise the fresh mint. In a big pitcher pour in equal amounts sugar and warm water (to melt the sugar) and add the bruised mint and lime juice to the mixture. Add more of each of these until you reach the optimal taste for you. I like to start sweet and add more lime juice if needed. This mixture only gets better as the day progresses so make a lot!

    Fill tall glasses with ice. Pour in adequate amounts of rum. Splash of Pomegrante juice. Slash of soda water. Fill the rest of the glass with the mojito mix. Add lime and mint leaf garnish!

    Summer is here my friends. -Jason


    Emily's blog: http://tunetrack.net/emilyrichards/
    Alex's blog: http://tunetrack.net/alex/
    John Jones blog: http://tunetrack.net/johnjones/
    Brad Standfield's blog:  http://tunetrack.net/bradstanfield/

  • Monster Zucchini Attacks while in Salt Lake City

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    “Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.” -Jim Davis

    This morning as I made myself a cup of french press Kona Blend coffee, I resolved to write a new post. I sat at my desk to hack away at html, and surprise, I became immediately distracted by my full inbox, by Burning Man Twitter posts, by Michael Jackson, by last.fm, and gamil.com (you can probably guess how i found that) until my cup was empty and I was filled with despair.

    Then I sat frozen with my fingers on the keys--so much had happened since my last post I didn't know where to begin? Should I rant about the Tunetrack Fanclub push for John Jones? Brad Stanfield? Actually, I blogged about them on the Artistech website, which is full of music pictures and video links about them.

    And how about Living Room Live in Salt Lake City? That was awesome. Mike Doerr flew Team ArtisTech from San Diego to Salt Lake in his Air2AirCorp twin prop Piper Seneca. Emily and I performed "Bewildered" on KZHT radio. Alex Goodwin captured 15 gigs of great audio and video. Bonnie and Gary Hooper hosted the 3rd Living Room Live Event, the first ever on the road. (see pics). A special guest appearance from Air Supply pianist, Jed Moss, topped it all off. Yes, Air Supply. Jed rocks.  (I could write a whole post just about that)

    Actually, I think I will.

    And I suggest a visit to Emily's page. She posted some great content.

    Let's see, what else has happened? (I'm pouring another cup of coffee as I recollect) Well, summer has happened...and the back yard garden is ruled by a monster zucchini plant! Our neighbor Jeanne made us 3 loaves of zucchini bread from just one of these giant veggies. I'm having a slice now with my coffee. Delicious.


    I now feel a lot better. I did it! I posted!

    Now I have to tweet it, facebook it, myspace it, and e-mail it......

    Hmmm....I think I'll go throw the ball to Perseus first!


    One more thing....Here's a Saturday morning video performance of Suitcase Full of Blues, some of that 15 gigs Alex got. 

    09 - Suitcase Full of Blues.mp4
  • My Home On Mars-Deviant Art and more

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    This is my home on Mars...click on it to visit my newly updated deviant art page. I've added some great artwork by deviant artists to my favorites...let me know what you think.

    If you have a last.fm account add me to your playlist!

  • ArtisTech YouTube Channel Online!

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    There is a lot going on these days! ArtisTech Media is growing rapidly with playlists, videos and a private artist console.

    Check out more videos of Emily and I at ArtisTech's new YouTube channel:

    Download free the ArtisTech select artist playlist here:

    It rocks!

    Also, Emily and I got the chance of a lifetime to play with Chuck Leavell of The Rolling Stones in San Francisco at the Biodiesel Conference. We jammed "You Can't Always Get What you Want" Live!!!

    Listen and/or download here:

    I'll be posting updates here as much as possible, and in between I'll be posting at Twitter.


    Thanks for dropping in on me!

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