Reflections on Living Room Live III: Day One

Last weekend marked Emily Richards' first touring Living Room Live concert, and also the first concert hosted by ArtisTech requiring significant travel. It was a very busy yet enjoyable trip. I feel like I have only just recently fully recovered.

I ended up writing much more than I had anticipated, so I'm going to break this up into a few different posts.

Day One: Flight and Arrival

ArtisTech's newest investor, Mike Doerr provided flight for Emily Richards, Jason Brock and Myself to Salt Lake City from San Diego through Mike's venture: Air2Air Corporation.

Mike flew us there himself, in a beautiful twin engine Seneca aircraft. This was my first experience with private flight and smaller aircraft, and I was thoroughly impressed all around. Much less hassle than your standard commercial flight, we literally drove to the plane and hopped in.

I had the pleasure of riding shotgun throughout our flight, watching the dash and trying to recall each instruments function with help from Mike, and the memories of a childhood spent playing Sierra ProPilot, MS Flight Simulator and Falcon 4.0.

When Mike informed us that we could plug 1/8" inch audio into the plane's sound system, we instantly whipped out John Jones' latest mastering of his upcoming album, "Black and White". Sounded as good as ever, and even held surprises for those of us who have heard previous versions.

After arriving in Utah, we spent some time eating, visiting friends, and gathering supplies before heading to what was to be our base-camp for the weekend (Emily's Mom's House). Although everyone knew we had to leave the house by 0730 local-time the next morning, we still ended up computing, playing guitar and shooting hoops til 0100 or so.

To be continued...

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