Seamless commenting enabled on TuneTrack

Just wanted to bring attention to some tweaks we've made to TuneTrack recently.

Posting comments, clicking links, or logging in on TuneTrack will no longer interrupt any music you happen to be sampling at the time.

Here's one of my favorite tracks from Emily's latest TuneTrack LP to help demonstrate:

In addition to these improvements we've also enabled commenting on individual TuneTrack LPs  and revamped the LP artwork preview browser based on artist feedback.

Hope you like it, let us know what you think, and we'll keep the tunes pumping for you.

TuneTrack Releases Debut

Today we are debuting TuneTrack's new release experience across the site.

This post goes a bit into the history and thought process behind what we've built, but before you read on, click the image above to open up "You Give" by Emily Richards.  Emily is giving away this album completely free (and lossless), and it makes a great example of a Full-Featured TuneTrack Release.

At ArtisTech, we've long thought that one of the biggest issues with digital music (vs. traditional mediums) is the comparative lack of metadata.  Very few services even include basic credits beyond Artist/Album/Title and virtually no-one sells tracks with lyrics embedded.  There really is no excuse for this, every popular compressed audio format, espescially MP3 has support for embedded meta-data, but many vendors still neglect to populate these tags.

Artwork is another area where digital music pales in comparison to it's predecessors (especially vinyl)  Some retailers have made attempts to improve this situation with higher resolution artwork, and in some cases PDF artbooks, but it's still quite rare to get more than a front cover.

With these deficiencies in mind late last year we began working on an artist-focussed system ...

Unknown Title by Unknown Artist from Unknown Album