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Composer: Emily Richards
Lyricist: Emily Richards
Accompaniment: Emily Richards, Nicole Tafralian, Clay Elliott, Jason Brock, Marcus Watkins, Geoff Hartman, Ralf Balzer
Produced by: John Jones

Fire Of Lonely written by Emily Richards. Recorded at DrumRoll Studios in Studio City.

Produced, engineered & mixed by John Jones.

Vocals & piano by Emily Richards. Backing vocals by Nicole Tafralian. Acoustic guitar by Jason Brock. Electric guitar by Marcus Watkins. Bass by Geoff Hartman. Drums by Ralf Balzer. Flute by Clay Elliott.

Mastered by John Jones. Managed by Liz Silverman.

Cover Art by Nicole Tafralian. Viking Ship art by Jason Brock. Photography by Kris Johnson, Michele Van Vliet & Jason Brock. Graphic design by Emily Richards & Kevin Carmony. digital-LP by Emily Richards & Alex Goodwin.

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