Produced by: Emily Richards
Composer: Emily Richards
Lyricist: Emily Richards
Accompaniment: Emily Richards
Publisher: RillRiver Publishing

Open Soul is now available on iTunes!

Thank you for waiting over a decade for this new album! Open Soul is the first of a double CD collection of stripped-down acoustic songs, consisting mainly of piano and vocals. These songs share my journey of the past several years and come from the purist part of my inner world. Music sparks hope within me! I hope that by listening to this little record something may spark in you too. Thank you for listening. Namaste.


Thank you:

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Open Soul is released under CC BY NC license, which allows free sharing for non-commercial purposes, with proper Attribution. Music is meant to be shared. Peace.

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  • You Gi eOne or TenOpen SoulOpen Soul - new acoustic album
  • One or Ten - Emily's greatest hits (1999-2009)
  • You Give - Emily's blockbuster
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