Emily's Strike the Root playlist

Strike the Root

My Songs, Jason's Songs & More Songs :)

Strike the Root has been a profound project so far. Here are some songs you might dig -- Caspian & Bianca sing on We are Free (both strong behind the mic). The playlist includes two broadway style orchestrations -- 'I Miss You' (song for Obama) and 'Like Music' (song for a Renaissance!), a couple of Jason's remixes, and a few others for your listening enjoyment.

To download the tracks from each artist's ccMixter page, right-click Credits.

Rootstrikers and the Strike the Root Remix Project is made possible in part by Larry Lessig, Fix Congress First, ccMixter, Creative Commons, BlocSonic, Free Press, EFF (many of these good folks have changed, and quite possibly saved, my life!)

  • We Are Free
    by Zep Hurme
  • Cut The Connection
    by spinningmerkaba
  • I Miss You (Orchestral)
    by Zapac
  • The Power
    by Abstract Audio
  • Creators / Looters
    by Subliminal
  • 100 Paper Washingtons
    by unreal_dm
  • Like Music
    by phasenwandler
  • Wink Nod Smile Shake
    by Jeris
  • 700 Billion Dollar Belief
    by annabloom
  • You Know What It Is !!!
    by Loveshadow
  • Radio Moscow: Funk in A
    by texasradiofish
  • Remixing Is Ok!!!
    by copperhead

Artwork by Heather Offord.

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