Emily Richards Releases New Valentines Day Album

Romantically Sensual Soundtrack for Lover and Beloved

Emily Richards (aka Madam Snowflake) has just released a new album of songs all about love and beauty. Honey Valentine was designed just for Valentine's Day, and Emily is excited to share it with you! (She and her hubby have beta-tested the release -- he says it is a guarantee for a romantic evening with your lover.)

Emily has also released lyric videos for three of the tracks on Honey Valentine -- created by ccMixter aritst (and treasured friend) Kara Square.  The video for Snowflake's signature song Open (as produced by Alex Beroza) is embedded below. 

Honey Valentine features all original songs by Emily, combined with the collaborative production work of remix artists Loveshadow (UK), Ghost Kollective (Poland, UK, Canada), Alex Beroza (Belgium), Zep Hurme (Finland), and many other talents from the ccMixter international community.

Emily's released Honey Valentine under her newest project "Madam Snowflake"  and it is available on iTunes, Bandcamp, Jamendo and Spotify. To learn more, visit www.madamsnowflake.com

Emily Launches New Single "Climb" as Snowflake

Emily Richards Launches First Music Video in 15 Years

An artist continually reinventing herself, Emily has been creating and sharing music under the Snowflake on ccMixter.org, recording and uploading more than 200 original songs under that name in the last 10 years.

Today, as Madam Snowflake, Emily releases her single "Climb" with accompanying music video.

Emily, aka Madam Snowflake, will be releasing a series of new tracks with Canadian producer Nick Fyve over the coming months.

Learn more at www.madamsnowflake.com

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