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Open Soul by Emily Richards on iTunes

Download the Album & Artbook

Open Soul by Emily RichardsThe new acoustic album, Open Soul, by Emily Richards is now availalbe on iTunes. The album has already received critical acclaim and will be featured in Ventura Blvd Magazine in May as well as a variety of radio and television shows in the upcoming months.

Open Soul begins with Harmony - a beautiful track penned, sung, played and produced by Richards. True to its name, Harmony is filled with an array of harmonies that surround you with emotion and beauty. 

Other favorite tracks are Renaissance, a song about the music within us all, the title track Open, exploring the vulernabilities of love, and Goodbye Shadow, an intricate journey of the soul through its fears that features the beautiful cello work of Wolf Sebastian

Of the 15 songs on Open Soulstems for 13 of the tracks are available under Creative Commons license for remixing. If you click "Lyrics" next to each song on TuneTrack, there is a link to the location of the stems on ccMixter.org

Read more in the press release available here

Open Soul was mastered by producer Brad Stanfield. The original paintings and artwork for Open Soul were graciously contributed by Ken Tesoriere ...

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