Produced by: Snowflake, Copperhead, Golden Fox, Kara Square, Sackjo22
Publisher: ccMixter


Season of Gratitude is a collection of uniquely eclectic holiday tracks created by the community at All tracks have been remastered by Copperhead for this album. The Season of Gratitude B Sides are a must listen too!

Support ccMixter at the Green Room Level to download Season of Gratitude A Sides and B Sides in lossless quality. Blue Room Supporters will receive the physical double-CD via mail, printed with soy-inks on 100% recycled cardstock with biodegradable shrink-wrap. 

Season of Gratitude is available on iTunes and Amazon for digital download. 

itunes logoiTunes Season of Gratitude A Sides           iTunes Season of Gratitude B Sides


amazon mp3 logoAmazon Season of Gratitude A Sides          Amazon Season of Gratitude B Sides


The Season of Gratitude physical double-CD is available at select locations in the Los Angeles area.

Read the full press release here.

To hear all of the tracks created by ccMixter for the Gift of Song project, from which the Season of Gratitude albums were selected, visit

The Season of Gratitude albums are available under CC BY NC SA license. 

Design and photography by Trevor Hooper.

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