What is the ccMixter Plus Program and how does it work?

As music at ccMixter becomes more widely used across the web, there is an increasing demand for commercial use of our creations. Some folks already use our works commercially without Attribution or for tracks that are only licensed for non-commercial use -- both outside the bounds of CC licenses. By giving visitors to dig.ccMixter.org and ccMixter.org a Plus Commercial License option, artists can receive deserved monetary value for their creations and proper CC license uses will be more clearly defined.

We've been slowly integrating Plus through a test environment here at TuneTrack. A group of artists at ccMixter have been helping us refine the process too. Plus at TuneTrack is still in beta, so your participation and feedback is very important to us!

Plus will always be optional. Some artists do not want to infuse a commercial element into their creative space. We are sensitive to this and totally get it.

How to sign-up? As part of the Plus Beta, you have 2 options: 1) Opt-in your entire ccMixter library - past, present and future. All of your stems and pells would be automatically added. Please note, your remixes will only be opted-in to the program if all of the stems you've utilized from the remix tree are also opted-in to the ccPlus program (CLICK HERE to see which ccMixter artists have opted in their works). 2) Opt-in a sample, pell and remix (same rules apply as above) one at a time by using checking the ccPlus Opt-In box when you upload a track. You will still choose a CC BY or CC BY NC license for Attribution and/or non-commercial use as we've always done at ccMixter -- but ccPlus will be additional option that will add a commercial use option for which you'll receive royalty.

A Plus option will appear in the bottom right corner for tracks that have been automatically tagged Plus through a new technology we've developed. 

What tracks are in the Plus program? There are more than 4,600 tracks already opted in to the Plus program. Check out this link to listen: http://dig.ccmixter.org/ccplus

How does the Plus license wizard work? From the Plus link on ccMixter or dig.ccMixter.org, people answer the Licensing Wizard questions and purchase the license based on their desired use. Any license revenues, in total, will be displayed in the lower right corner on the song license page in MCs, the TuneTrack social currency that is approximately 100 to one US dollar. 

ccPlus License Wizard Example

Artists receive 50% of Plus net revenues and 50% will go toward the operation of ccMixter. For a collaborative track (remixes, etc.), the artists will automatically split that 50% revenue share evenly and equally. This is the simplist and most direct way of splitting revenues for now. Some of you have already donated your share of any revenues earned to the operations of ccMixter and we are truly grateful. As ccMixter continues to grow, resources are need to support expansion of our site with our all volunteer team.

If you're interested in opting-in to Plus, email us and we'll send you the opt-in link. You can download a copy of the Plus Agreement for review here.

Thank you for supporting ccMixter!

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