Freemixter Contest Features ccMixter

Free! Music! Contest 2011 requires ccMixter Submission

FreeMixterccMixter is honored to be highlighted as part of this year's Free! Music! Contest called FreeMixter.

FreeMixter requires at least one stem (vocal, drum, bass, etc.) of a song submitted to the contest be uploaded at to ensure remixability under Creative Commons license.

If a song submitted to FreeMixter is based on source found at ccMixter, one of the stems created by the FreeMixter producer has to be uploaded and published at ccMixter as well.

A jury will select tracks to be included on a double cd and there will be a party where some of the  bands will play live.  Register by July 31 - lossless tracks are to be submitted to the Musikpirat on Soundcloud.  Check out the submissions as they come in at ccMixter.

In general, ccMixter doesn't officially sponsor contests. But, hey, we can't help but be quite honored to be an integral part of the FreeMixter -- and wish everyone good luck and happy mixing!

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