• Handling Claims on Videos Using ccMixter Music

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    What to do if you get a Claim Notice for Your Video:

    1. This is not a Take Down Notice.  Your video probably won't be removed.  

    1. Check your attribution.  Make sure it's complete (it must include the track title, artists featured in the track, a link to the track, and the Creative Commons license type).

    1. Check the placement of your attribution.  It needs to be in the video's description box AND in the video itself (add it through annotations if needed).  Watch this quick video on attribution for more info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcG8bWrE2f8

    1. Check the license type of the song you used. Have you enabled monetization on a video that includes a CC BY-NC song?  Used it for a commercial video? Only tracks licensed CC BY are allowed to be used for commercial purposes.

    Now what?


    • If you have not properly attributed (and don’t fix it) or have incorrectly used a non-commercial song, the claim might remain for the portion of your video that includes ccMixter music.  

    • If you are certain that you have complied with the Creative Commons license and/or you have purchased a ccPlus license, we can help!  Send an email that includes a link to your video.  We will check your video and try to help you get the claim released if everything is legit.

    Why are Claim Notices being issued on ccMixter Music?

     Read this blog for answers.

  • ccMixter Music Claims in Videos

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    Why are Claim Notices being Issued on Videos using ccMixter Music?

    The musicians on ccMixter.org generously share their music with the world using Creative Commons licenses.  Unfortunately, the music is often included in web videos without proper Attribution, is used improperly for commercial videos or is being illegally claimed to be owned or copyrighted by unrelated parties.

    ccMixter's music library could be found or matched in videos that use ccMixter musicians' work. If ccMixter music is matched to a video that is using that music outside the terms of the license, a claim on the music in that video could be issued.


    There is a technology that works to exclude and not claim videos for videomakers who have purchased a license, used ccMixter music legally (with full Attribution), and/or is compliant with the Creative Commons license terms of the music.


    However, if a videomaker still gets a Claim Notice but has purchased a ccPlus license at TuneTrack, used ccMixter music legally, and/or is compliant with the Creative Commons license terms, sending an email to ccMixter with a link to your video will enable our team to research further. If everything looks legitamite, we can help you get the claim released.


    Positive outcomes from ccMixter music getting claimed:

    • It can help videomakers learn how to properly attribute Creative Commons music.

    • It can identify uses of ccMixter music that are otherwise unknown or not Attributed to the musicians.

    • It can correct illegal copyright claims others have erroneously placed on music originally created by ccMixter musicians.

    • It can help musicians receive compensation for incorrect uses of their music.

    • It could help support ccMixter.org.

    More information:

  • New Genre-Hop Album from Top-Notch Producer Alex Beroza & ccMixter

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    Hip-Hop, Rock, & Pop - Cover ArtWe are thrilled to announce todays release of Hip-Hop, Rock, & Pop by Alex Beroza & ccMixter!

    Alex Beroza joined ccMixter.org in 2006 and has since produced and shared 395 remixes of the community with the world. Hip-Hop, Rock, & Pop showcases the massive creativity of his production style while highlighting the talent of 17 different ccMixter musicians.

    “Inspiration is at the beginning of each remix,” shares Alex Beroza. “After that, it’s always different. Usually the rhythm or ideas for melodies come first.”

    Alex Beroza features vocals and samples from the following ccMixter artists in Hip-Hop, Rock, & Pop: Mike Lott, J. Lang, Cue, SackJo22, AT, Snowflake, Kara Square, Mikey D., Spinningmerkaba, Admiral Bob, Loveshadow, Scomber, Unreal_dm, Panu, go1dfish, Javolenus, and Poor Legacy.

  • Experience the Blues with Unreal_dm and Admiral Bob

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    Rocking Blues on ccMixterToday ccMixter has the pleasure of releasing an album from two of our most prolific and respected musicians: Unreal_dm and Admiral Bob.

    Admiral Bob joined ccMixter in 2007 and began uploading his vocals, instrumental samples, and remixes. His soulful, husky voice and engaging songwriting enticed Unreal_dm to produce countless renditions of his songs. Unreal_dm joined ccMixter in 2009 and has uploaded over four hundred remixes with his wailing guitar solos and signature sound.

    “I'm really excited to see these collaborations with Unreal_dm become an album,” shares Admiral Bob. “For me, there was no goal in mind on any of these tracks - just tune-smithing for the enjoyment of two journeyman musicians who love playing the blues, and who've played more dive bars than anyone can keep track of. And in my view, that's really how the blues should be played - road worn and for enjoyment; I hope everyone who listens will hear it in the same spirit.”

  • Video of the Music for Healing Open House

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    The Marriott Library at the University of Utah hosted an Open House on February 19, 2015 wherein students, alumni, patients, and faculty recorded pre-selected healing quotes and interviews, registered for the project and met some of the doctors and faculty facilitating Music for Healing.  Take a look at the video below to see footage and photos from the Open House and part of Dr. Norman Foster's interview about music and healing.

    Music for Healing” is a collaboration between ccMixter.org and the University of Utah Schools of Medicine, Music, Business, Lassonde Entrepenur Institute and Marriott Library – to facilitate the creation of a new collection of music that focuses on healing while also supporting patients and their families. 

    You can join us!  Visit the playlists below to hear the wonderful sounds you can use in your remixes.  The remixing phase ends on March 31, 2015.




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