• Call out for Editorial Staff 2017

    Posted Jan. 9, 2017 at 11:05 a.m. to ccMixter Listening Lounge Public | Comment

    We are looking for a few tech savvy music critics to dig into the archives of ccMixter and find remix gems to Ed Pick write reviews for our listeners.  Are you a fearless music aficionado that understands the nature of netaudio and creative commons licensing?  We hope so. The experimental nature of our community and the openness of our sharing culture has and continues to influence modern music on all levels.  We look to our editorial team to frame the experience in ways listeners can digest.  Join us!

    All of our current Ed Picks are listed here:


    If you're interested please submit links and relevant writing examples to our review team:
    contact us via e-mail

    We’ll be releasing our new Editorial Team Staff List in the next few weeks!

    Read the guidelines for Ed Picks Here.
  • Keeping Hope Alive via Music

    Posted Dec. 26, 2016 at 5:58 p.m. to ccMixter Listening Lounge Public | Comment

    Hope for the Holidays ccMixter

    ccMixter is creating hopeful new music to carry us all through the darker days and longer nights that surround the winter holiday season.

    The Hope for the Holidays remix event is still underway -- and accepting remixes of the submitted pells and samples until Jan 3. So, get out your DAW and remix those holiday blues away!

    Turn it up! Just listening will fill your heart with light (click credits to Download from the ccMixter song page).

    • Kormo (power mix + instrumental)
      by stellarartwars
    • Hey, What the Hell?
      by texasradiofish
    • If We Find Our Minds
      by Speck
    • Snowflake (xtreme mix)
      by stellarartwars
    • all as one
      by kris_sky
    • Silent Night, Twinkling Star
      by Speck
    • Introspeck Remix
      by Martin Cee (softmartin)
    • Who'll Play the Blues?
      by Admiral Bob
    • Merry Christmas Morons
      by Speck
    • lost
      by the Attick
    • Hey 2016 (SAW mix)
      by stellarartwars
    • The Trouble with 2016
      by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
    • Christmas Introspective
      by Speck
    • What Child is This? - with flute
      by maplesnow
    • Gloria (Reboot 2016)
      by 7OOP3D

  • Hope for the Holidays Remix Event

    Posted Nov. 23, 2016 at 6:22 p.m. to ccMixter Listening Lounge Public | 3 Responses

    Hope for the Holidays at ccMixter

    Raise your Voice in Song for Hope

    As the winter holidays approach, much of the world prepares for traditional celebrations. ccMixter has an annual winter tradition of its own: our holiday remix event.

    Artists on ccMixter are invited to share original and traditional, holiday and seasonal pells, samples, and remixes. With so much heart-wrenching turmoil and conflict all around us, we encourage a focus on HOPE for this year’s holiday event.

    The ccMixter musical community of collaboration and sharing is built upon unity, harmony, inclusivity, and generosity… together we will create music that expresses our collective sentiments with the world!

    To learn more about the Hope for the Holidays Remix Event, visit this ccMixter forum post. Click to listen to PELLS, SAMPLES AND REMIXES.

    Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality. ~Jonas Salk

  • Ride the Wave Remix Event

    Posted July 9, 2016 at 7:12 p.m. to ccMixter Listening Lounge Public | Comment

    Remix Blue Wave Theory, Submit your own Stems

    ccMixter Ride the Wave Remix Event

    This summer, Mixters have the incredible opportunity to remix the prog-rock-surf-band Blue Wave Theory. These talented musicians have contributed musical stems for four tracks to ccMixter for a first wave of remixing. Contribute your own pells and samples for others to remix too.

    Check out these awesome tracks and stems from Blue Wave Theory:

    The first wave of remixing goes from July 10 through July 31. Be sure to use the Ride the Wave upload forms. Read more about this remix event and Blue Wave Theory in our forums.

    LIsten to samples from Blue Wave Theory and other mixters submitted to Ride the Wave below:

    • Mermaids in Japan
      by spinmeister
    • Pyramid - Heart of Winter
      by pyramid
    • Pyramid - Under the Neptune Ocean
      by pyramid
    • Pyramid - Fall to the Abyss
      by pyramid
    • Pyramid - Plains of Despair
      by pyramid
    • Pyramid - Withering Moon
      by pyramid
    • Pyramid - The Milky Way
      by pyramid
    • Pyramid - Eyes of Lemuria
      by pyramid
    • Pyramid - Fresh water sea shore
      by pyramid
    • Wake Me Up
      by Alex
    • Eddie D
      by copperhead
    • Skyfly higher naughty (Rmix)
      by DJSCQV
    • Raised Walls - Preview
      by marcus_jb
    • When Love Turns Blue
      by Aussens@iter
    • Get Your Kicks on Future 86
      by Blue_Wave_Theory

  • May Day Secret Mixter

    Posted April 10, 2016 at 2:45 p.m. to ccMixter Listening Lounge Public | Comment

    Answer the Distress Call by Creating New Music

    May Day Secret MixterMay Day! This term is not only a distress call, but May Day is also a holiday that celebrates the emergence of spring, flowers and new life.

    One of ccMixter's founders (and greatest inspirations) is Lawrence Lessig. Lessig is putting his support behind MayDay.us -- sounding a May Day alarm because world governments are corrupt and not addressing the important issues facing us today.

    But what happens when old systems of corruption are rooted out? Well, new life is suddenly made possible. And THAT is what the May Day Secret Mixter is all about. 

    So Mixters, let’s make some great music! Music that not only addresses the May Day distress call, BUT music (in secret!) that celebrates the emergence of new life and new possibilities.

    The details? Sign-up through April 23 and your assignment will be emailed to you April 24 when remixing begins. Upload day is May 8 -- and block out the day to listen. Yes, you'll want to isten all day!

    Read about the rules of the May Day Secret Mixter HERE.

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