• Free Halloween Music, Ghost Notes Remix Event

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    “During the day, I don’t believe in ghosts. At night, I’m a little more open-minded.” ~Unknown

    Deep in the vaults of ccMixter lurk hundreds of Halloween songs that will add a certain, shall we say, rotting addition to your scary playlists.  Like grave diggers on a full moon night, you will find what you are looking for, all you have to do is Dig.  Dig until you hit the sound that is hollow and cold. Dig until your bones are creaking. There is Ghostly music down there. And all of this haunting music is free to share and download.

    Some of the ghouls working for the dark lord have brought us back a few tasty tracks already.  These servants have sacrificed themselves so that you may stream them for freely HERE.  But be careful, the dark lord of ccMixter is cunning, and soon you'll find yourself enslaved to the music created here.

    There are also mad scientists, musical genius gone awry, making new nightmare-like songs, via the new Ghost Notes Remix Event, that will rattle the cages of your mind.  This new music pleases our master, though no mercy will ever be shown.

    Like Frankenstein was created from pieces and parts, all this haunting music is created from source material uploaded under Creative Commons licenses. Frightening music is brought to life, stomping around the internet like the monster Mary Shelly created.  Join us and we will rule the world.  Happy Halloween!

    • Face the End (String)
      by Siobhan Dakay
    • House on Haunted Hill
      by texasradiofish
    • The Horror of the Night
      by Admiral Bob
    • Reptilian Eyes
      by Abstract Audio
    • We Made the Monsters
      by Stefan Kartenberg
    • Soundgrounder Remix, Are You Scared Yet
      by Soundgrounder
    • A Dream Within A Dream
      by Speck
    • Plan 9 from Outer Space
      by texasradiofish
    • The Scariest Thing About You
      by Speck
    • Horror Story
      by Stefan Kartenberg
    • Horror Story
      by Subliminal
    • Horror Story (with Martin Cee)
      by Mana Junkie
    • Hollywood Horror Story
      by texasradiofish
    • just a dream within a dream
      by Stefan Kartenberg
    • Lucid
      by RizkeyG

  • Earth Day Eco-Music: ccMixter Playlist

    Posted April 18, 2017 at 3 p.m. to ccMixter Listening Lounge Public | Comment

    EarthAs folks around the world get ready to celebrate Earth Day, ccMixter is here to contribute this eco-themed playlist to help keep everyone inspired!

    We hope you enjoy our community's music while you're raising awareness for environmental causes and learning more about what you can do to save our planet.

    Need more music for your Earth Day journey? Listen to our Brown Album: Fuel for the Future and Orange Album: Harmony Reloaded.

    Have you heard about AWAKE Community (Artist Working for Awareness, Knowledge, and Education)? Learn about and contribute to AWAKE Community here.

    • Forty Six and Two
      by Peter Vines
    • theSantaAnas
      by airtone
    • Extinct
      by Stefan Kartenberg
    • To The Mountain
      by Zep Hurme
    • Paint the Sky
      by Hans Atom
    • Lost - Snowflake & Piero Peluche
      by Piero Peluche
    • DREAMt (ft Jeris)
      by SackJo22
    • New Earth
      by Quarkstar
    • from the earth ...
      by urmymuse
    • Norfolk Island Pine (ft. airtone)
      by robwalkerpoet
    • Peoples climate train.
      by reiswerk
    • Hurricane Song
      by Admiral Bob
    • On the Earth (and of the Tree)
      by Doxent Zsigmond

  • Crack the Code: Dev Team Call Out

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    Crack the CodeDo you have the desire, determination, and time to help us CRACK the CODE? Do you have the technical skills to join one of our two new volunteer Dev Teams? Please take a look at the teams below and see if your skills match.

    Current Site Maintenance Team

    This team is a devOps team focusing on the “ops” side, but requires dev skill as well.

    Skills Required for the Team

    Not everyone has to have all these skills, but they should all be represented on team.

    • Linux sysadmin skills via SSH

    • PHP and Apache

    • Some Javascript and HTML would be useful.

    • Help desk skills

    Next Version Team

    The “next version” team would also be devOps, but focused on development. The key vision of this team is to move to a modern REST model where posting to the server is done in a predictable, API tokened, JSON oriented way, with results rendered to the UI in a reliable JSON fashion.

    Skills Required for the Team

    Not everyone has to have all these skills, but they should all be represented on team.

    • Full stack skills in Apache/PHP and MEAN (or comparable frameworks.)

    • Visual Design skills

    • Wireframing and sketchy gui

    • People with a  lot of patience and creativity.

    • Strong opinions about what music collaboration should look like

    • Willing to read “ccmixter: A Memoir.”


    Still intrigued? Awesome! Please follow this link and read Admiral Bob’s development vision for ccMixter for more details. Reply to this forum post or contact us when you are ready and able to join one of the Dev Teams.


    Check out Admiral Bob’s Development Discussion Thread and get your questions answered.


    Not quite ready to jump on board? You can still help us CRACK the CODE! Support the development of ccMixter by becoming a Patron

  • You Can Now Support ccMixter on Patreon!

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    Support ccMixter on PatreonWe are excited for the future of ccMixter.org and are asking for you to be part of it. Your Patreon pledge will keep ccMixter.org up and running - without ads or subscription fees. Your support will keep our website relevant, using more current web-technologies. Your help will to give the folks that use our music the easiest ways to find exactly what they want for their videos, remixes and apps. Your help will give our listeners the best listening experience and musicians the best environment to create together.

    • Patreon allows people who love ccMixter to support the website by making a monthly pledge.
    • You can pledge as little or as much as you prefer- every single bit helps!
    • You can change or cancel your pledge amount any time.

    Help ccMixter reach it's first Patreon by pledging your support!

  • Crack the Code: Secret Mixter Sign-Ups

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    Crack the Code Secret Mixter“The technology keeps moving forward, which makes it easier for the artists to tell their stories and paint the pictures they want.” ~George Lucas

    Our annual spring Secret Mixter Event comes with a distinct technical development mission and you are invited to help… CRACK the CODE! Will you accept your assignment and help us CRACK the CODE? Here are the 3 ways you can progress our pursuit:

    1. Sign-Up for the CRACK the CODE Secret Mixter and get your code breaking secret remix on!

    2. Join one of the volunteer Dev Teams and take ccMixter’s code to the next level! Learn more about the devOps teams in the forums.

    3. Become a Patron of ccMixter and help fund our website development goals!

    You can sign-up for the CRACK the CODE Secret Mixter through April 8th. Assignments will be emailed April 9th. Upload day is April 23rd. Read the Secret Mixter rules HERE.

    ccMixer.org is an open access site where everyone from everywhere is always welcome! The mixversation is happening in the forums.

Unknown Title by Unknown Artist from Unknown Album