• Ghost K’s Curation from ccMixter's 61 Moons Remix Event

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    Cover Art - Part Way There RemixedGhost Kollective’s curation from ccMixter's 61 Moons Remix Event was released today! The sci-fi themed album is called Part Way There Remixed and features remixes, pells and samples from many ccMixter musicians.  Ghost Kollective is a collaboration of long-time ccMixter artists cdk, _ghost & tacet.

    Join us and explore 61 Moons:

    Thank you to Ghost Kollective and all of the artists on ccMixter who contributed to the 61 Moons Remix Event.

  • New Tutorial Video: How to Attribute Music from DIG.CCMIXTER.ORG

    Posted Dec. 20, 2014 at 12:28 p.m. to ccMixter Listening Lounge Public | Comment

    We made this tutorial to show everyone how to attribute the music they find on http://dig.ccmixter.org Dig is the robust search engine for ccMixter where music users/content creators find our music for their projects. We are hoping that this video will help explain attribution in a clear and concise way. Feel free to share it with content creators when you find incomplete attribution around the web.

  • Highlights from Music Connects Us Secret Mixter

    Posted Nov. 18, 2014 at 11:56 a.m. to ccMixter Listening Lounge Public | 1 Response

    Yep, the Best Secret Mixter EVER (and the biggest)!

    More than 67 new tracks were uploaded to ccMixter on Sunday. Mixters spent the day listening and commenting on each other's creations. Every track in this Secret Mixter is worth listening to in headphones.

    For starters, here are 15 tracks, by ratiing algorithm, from this 10th anniversary Secret Mixter - Music Connects Us. Listen to the entire playlist here. Enjoy.

    • Scotts Mix
      by Shelflife
    • Recovered Memory
      by Admiral Bob
    • Secretly Go Wit Me
      by copperhead
    • Spoken Roma, Sweet NY
      by Colin Mutchler
    • Up to kara stars
      by magmavander
    • Back Through The Stars
      by PorchCat
    • Traveling
      by Geert Veneklaas
    • Ur My Cleanup
      by fourstones
    • Just Breathe
      by DoKashiteru
    • Mauerspechte (the light) ditto ditto
      by ASHWAN
    • This
      by morgantj
    • Accepting Change
      by mykleanthony
    • World of Insanity (cdk Secret Trap Mix)
      by cdk
    • Boxcar by Scomber (deeplastik Hard Funk remix)
      by Deeplastik
    • Life with CDK
      by copperhead
    • Electro Deluxe
      by My Free Mickey
    • DoTheBrake
      by Admiral Bob
    • Growth in the Garden
      by Vidian
    • Vanderboogie
      by duckett
    • The Jeris loops
      by ditto ditto
    • Fine Print (ouch interpretation)
      by Hans Atom
    • My Audio Wake Up
      by teru
    • My Klean Secret (Headphone Mix)
      by fourstones
    • We are Connected (the Chemma Chi Remix)
      by SackJo22
    • Pulse of the Party
      by Kara Square
    • Dark & Dicey Sci Fi Soundtrack
      by essesq
    • Intergalactic Bliss (Trance Mix)
      by KCentric
    • Just You Wait
      by Clarence Simpson
    • Houdini
      by Anchor
    • Essesq's Canyon
      by morgantj
    • Feel The Ground Burn Under The White Of The Moon
      by Scott Altham
    • Tiramisu Soup
      by Briareus
    • Being ( Namaste) - II
      by CSoul
    • Awaken
      by TheDICE
    • Being ( Namaste) - I
      by CSoul
    • Super Mana World
      by colab
    • The Inner Eye (compromised mix)
      by kthugha
    • Some where love is closer now
      by J.Lang
    • Maisie's Dream
      by Gurdonark
    • This is DoKashiteru
      by Carosone
    • I Look At The Sky
      by Mana Junkie
    • Gaslighting
      by State Shirt
    • freeCulture
      by airtone
    • No Rules
      by rocavaco
    • Trilogy 3. Skynet
      by Loveshadow
    • Trilogy 2. Stalker
      by Loveshadow
    • Badabing Badaboom
      by spinmeister
    • Trilogy 1. Power ?
      by Loveshadow
    • Perfect Girl (Dancing on your Windscreen)
      by debbizo
    • Alive or Dead, who cares. Being dead just means being asleep, and people wake up
      by stellarartwars
    • space invaders
      by urmymuse
    • My Inner Mystery (Kirkoid Mix)
      by Kirkoid
    • Auto Motor Sport (Reha Mix)
      by keytronic
    • Piano dream
      by Stefan Kartenberg
    • Clarity* (a moment of)
      by Scomber
    • Jack Frost
      by Stefan Kartenberg
    • Greetings to St Petersburg
      by onlymeith
    • E lucevan le stelle pt. 2
      by Jeris
    • The CcMixter french song
      by bigbonobo_combo
    • Terra Obscura
      by Quarkstar
    • I And I
      by Alex
    • Rats Are Back (Dunky Different)
      by 7OOP3D
    • Paradigm Shifter ft. Rob Walker
      by Platinum Butterfly
    • Mushishi
      by Calling Sister Midnight
    • Rain praise (ft. MC Jackinthebox)
      by robwalkerpoet
    • Shadows in the Hourglass
      by Admiral Bob
      by reusenoise
    • Disko Halo
      by MC Jack in the Box
    • The Four Stones
      by texasradiofish
    • One Sound
      by snowflake
    • Velvet Green of Mystery (Instrumental)
      by Doxent Zsigmond
    • Platinum Donation
      by copperhead
    • Unmasked
      by Scomber
    • Velvet Green of Mystery
      by Doxent Zsigmond

  • Secret Mixter - a 10 Year Reunion

    Posted Oct. 20, 2014 at 2:21 p.m. to ccMixter Listening Lounge Public | Comment

    Remix and be Remixed (in Secret) for ccMixter's 10th Birthday

    Music Connects us Secret Mixter

    Calling all Mixters -- past and present. Join us for the most important Secret Mixter ever! We are celebrating our 10th birthday, our 5th birthday under ArtisTech Media, and a decade of music we've created together. Be part of the reunion - sign-up HERE.

  • ccMixter: Universe of Creative Possibilities

    Posted Oct. 6, 2014 at 6:04 p.m. to ccMixter Listening Lounge Public | Comment

    Loveshadow, airtone & Rocavaco Collaborate for ccMixter 

    ccMixter: A Universe of Possibilities from ccMixter.org on Vimeo.

    Support open, free music with ccMixter's IndieGoGo campaign.

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