Call out for Editorial Staff 2017

We are looking for a few tech savvy music critics to dig into the archives of ccMixter and find remix gems to Ed Pick write reviews for our listeners.  Are you a fearless music aficionado that understands the nature of netaudio and creative commons licensing?  We hope so. The experimental nature of our community and the openness of our sharing culture has and continues to influence modern music on all levels.  We look to our editorial team to frame the experience in ways listeners can digest.  Join us!

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If you're interested please submit links and relevant writing examples to our review team:
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We’ll be releasing our new Editorial Team Staff List in the next few weeks!

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Keeping Hope Alive via Music

Hope for the Holidays ccMixter

ccMixter is creating hopeful new music to carry us all through the darker days and longer nights that surround the winter holiday season.

The Hope for the Holidays remix event is still underway -- and accepting remixes of the submitted pells and samples until Jan 3. So, get out your DAW and remix those holiday blues away!

Turn it up! Just listening will fill your heart with light (click credits to Download from the ccMixter song page).

  • Kormo (power mix + instrumental)
    by stellarartwars
  • Hey, What the Hell?
    by texasradiofish
  • If We Find Our Minds
    by Speck
  • Snowflake (xtreme mix)
    by stellarartwars
  • all as one
    by kris_sky
  • Silent Night, Twinkling Star
    by Speck
  • Introspeck Remix
    by Martin Cee (softmartin)
  • Who'll Play the Blues?
    by Admiral Bob
  • Merry Christmas Morons
    by Speck
  • lost
    by the Attick
  • Hey 2016 (SAW mix)
    by stellarartwars
  • The Trouble with 2016
    by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
  • Christmas Introspective
    by Speck
  • What Child is This? - with flute
    by maplesnow
  • Gloria (Reboot 2016)
    by 7OOP3D

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