Brad Stanfield has been a singer and multi-instrumentalist since starting as a child prodigy playing guitar, bass, live drums and keyboards. Brad was initially inspired to sing, play and perform by The Beatles, his favorite being John Lennon.

Upon getting a multi-track tape recorder for his 16th birthday, Brad turned his multiple talents toward producing, inspired by Beatles producer George Martin, then learning in the presence of such legendary producer-engineers as Al Schmitt, Bob Margouleff and Shel Talmy.

Brad's studio

Elan Trujillo (Offspring, A.I.C.) in Brad's NoHo Studio

Being able to arrange, play and record all the instruments and vocals made it easy for Brad to showcase his material to publishers as well as enjoying a thriving demo and EP/CD production business being the “band” and producer-engineer/studio for singers, solo artists and non-performing songwriters. Stanfield also produces select band projects on occasion but finds “non-band entities” truly appreciate his myriad of services much more and let’s face it: He enjoys (proficiently) playing everything as do fellow TuneTrack producers John Jones and Sean Halley!

Stanfield usually plays most or all the instruments as well as lead and/or harmony vocals, then mixes them together at his and/or other studios when producing his own songs as well as countless clients, which over the years has turned into a rather lucrative producing career between his various performing engagements backing up various artists – not to mention scoring films, TV/film trailers, cartoons and commercials which you can feast your eyes and ears on at

Brad spends most of his time writing, producing and teaching in his studio located in the North Hollywood Arts District as well a performing at various events as John Lennon and with his wife Periel in their original act, Freedom People.

Brad and Periel

Founding members of Freedom People also include Emily Richards & Jason Brock.

For your production needs, Brad Stanfield can be contacted here at TuneTrack or at

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