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New Earth Is My Church Video

We just discovered this cool new video by Into the Mist - it features Alex Beroza's remix of The Earth Is My Church (written/sung by the lovely Periel Marr Stanfield of Freedom People - get stems at ccMixter). Support our music by joining my Green Room.


Thanks for the TuneTrack Pick

Wizard by Brad Stanfield

A special thanks for selecting 'Say Love' as a  TuneTrack Pick!  Also, a special thanks to Periel Stanfield for her amazing song and vocals -- and to Deanna, James, and Eve for their voices too.

Wizard is an album that features some of my favorite tracks I've produced. It includes some of my guitar solo work, my own songs, and the songs of both Periel Stanfield and Emily Richards.

Join my Green Room to download my Wizard TuneTrack-LP. Thanks for your support!

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