Blue Wave Theory is an American instrumental rock band formed in 2007 and based in New Jersey. The group's sound is rooted in surf music of the 1960s, but delves into many genres including elements of garage, punk, psychedelic, progressive, funk, reggae, and space rock. An accomplished group of musicians whose versatility is as broad as their personal backgrounds with decades of musical influence, ranging from Dick Dale, Link Wray, X, Ramones, King Crimson, and Rush, to the funk of Dennis Coffey and psychedelic surf of The Mermen. The band's music is entirely instrumental with Steve Rabeler on guitar, Kevin Stamper on bass, and Rob Wolleben on drums. Guitarist Bob Trimble recently joined forces with the band for live shows and recordings...transforming the power trio into a power quartet! The insistence for each musician in this trio to keep true to their personal styling and inspiration gives Blue Wave Theory a distinctive stamp of uniqueness and creativity.

Blue Wave Theory and their hectic eclectic brand of instrumental surf rock has shared the stage with guitar heroes Dick Dale and Gary Hoey, along with some of the finest east coast surf bands including Mister Neutron, The Coffin Daggers, The Supertones and The Octomen. Blue Wave Theory regularly performs at some of the coolest music venues in Philadelphia, New York City, and New Jersey including the Sellersville Theater, World Cafe Live, The North Star Bar, The Record Collector, The Rotunda, and Otto’s Shrunken Head. In addition, Blue Wave Theory plays at several east coast music festivals including Bethlehem Musikfest, Asbury Park Surf Music Festival, Twangstock, and Surfapalooza.

Blue Wave Theory's eponymous debut album was released by ArtisTech Media on TuneTrack in 2011. The second album, "Superstorm", was released in 2015. Individual Blue Wave Theory songs have appeared on instrumental surf compilations including "Surfin' Jack Flash" (2014), “Radical Waves” (2012), and “Off the Deep End” (2011). Blue Wave Theory's music has also been licensed for a wide variety of purposes including Rolling Stone artist marketing videos, Samsung product advertisements, DIY Network television broadcasts, Red Bull Media House productions, and hot rod DVD's.

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